We treat each of our products with love, so we want to give you some recommendations on care. Proper care will help to keep your favorite items in flawless condition.

All recommendations for the care of the product are individual. Before leaving, be sure to read the product passport, which is sewn on the inside. 

Knitwear (wool / cashmere / merino)

  • Handwash up to 30°C or dry cleaning
  • For washing knitwear we recommend using a special liquid powder for cashmere and wool products
  • After washing you need to slightly squeeze out the water and dry it on a flat surface
  • We advise you to store the folded items on the shelf


  • All our coats are made of natural fabrics so they require dry cleaning only
  • If your coat is caught in the rain, it should be brushed along the length of the nap (never against the nap), then the nap will always remain smooth
  • We recommend storing the coat in the summertime in a protective case